Roscoe Village

roscoe1If you are reading this, you are obviously interested in one of the smartest and most inviting neighborhoods the City of Chicago has to offer! Whether looking for a new place to call home or just planning a visit, rest assured that anyone would find Roscoe Village a vibrant yet peaceful place to enjoy.

Bounded by Addison Street (north), Belmont Avenue (south), Ravenswood Avenue (east), and the Chicago River (west), the area now known as Roscoe Village was witness to a crazy ride on the roller coaster of urban change. Officially established in 1977, it had evolved from a Fox Indian prairie to a coven of immigrant farmers, from a gathering of glass greenhouses to the excitement of the historical Riverview Amusement Park. Today, Roscoe Village finds itself a fun, safe, thriving, community-oriented niche of the city.


roscoe2Roscoe Village Neighbors
Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce
32nd Ward Office